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Claiming for a Car Accident or injury? It doesn’t get much easier than this.

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Admiral Accident Number

As an Admiral Customer who has had a non-fault accident, you can now claim through Accident Claims Helpline instead with the following benefits:-

  • Very low call waiting times
  • Brand-new manufacturer quality parts used in repair
  • Our service will not affect your insurance premiums for a non-fault accident
  • No policy excess to pay
  • Like-for-like courtesy vehicle for the entire duration of repairs

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    Admiral Accident Claim

    If you are an Admiral Customer that has been involved in a road traffic accident we can help you with Rescue, Replacement Vehicle and Damage Repair. We are a Claims management company and we only deal with about 60-70 clients in a month by providing them our bespoke services tailor-made to suit their needs.

    We will answer your call in less than one minute and will get you rescued/recovered from the location of the accident to your home or your preferred location. Most importantly we work 24 X 7 and, with us help is just a phone call away.

    How we can help?

    When you have a non-Fault accident, you are free to choose your own recovery company, Repair shop, Solicitors and Hire company. You are not obliged to claim on your policy, as the Third-party insurance that has caused the accident is liable to pay for all your costs.

    We at Accident Claims Helpline will streamline the whole process for you. As an Admiral Accident Number alternative, we will do all the work for you.

    • Had a Car Accident Admiral?
      We hope you are not badly injured. Even the smallest injury or trauma should be checked out with your doctor, or A and E. Do not ignore any physical discomfort.
    • Report accident Admiral 
      Inform the police so you have it on record. You can also Report Accident Admiral  but sometimes there could be a long wait. Then call us on 0333 006 2661 to get all the help you need.  We take over for you.
    • Give yourself a little time to process and recover.
      You will have enough stress to deal with after a car or motorbike accident even in minor collisions, so take a break and rest for a while. In an event of a Non-Fault accident, If you need, Accident Recovery,  Damage Repair or Courtesy Car, then you can contact us directly on  0333 006 2661 Admiral Accident Number alternative.

    About us

    Here at the Accident Claims Helpline, we provide a comprehensive accident claims management service. Claims Department Admiral can be busy at times so we can process your non-fault accident claim in a prompt way. From the first Report Car Accident, through to claim settlement you can trust us to provide you RoadSide RecoveryAccident Damage RepairInjury Compensation, and Free Courtesy Car resulting in measurable benefits and outstanding customer service.

    Working with our extensive Network of Repair Centre and the different solicitors across the UK, our panel has expertise in all fields from personal injury claims to credit hire. Our specialist team brings years of expertise in driving our approach to finding your best results. At Accident Claims Helpline we ensure our team and partners are best in class, combining substantiated industry knowledge with the most effective experience.

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    Accident Claims Helpline
    Tel: 0333 006 2661

    Here at Accident Claims Helpline we are an independent claims management company and in no way are affiliated with or work on behalf of any car insurance companies including Admiral. We are not a part of Admiral Insurance Group or Admiral Sports Wear or AdmiralCasino or any of their broker network. Logos and Trademarks are the intellectual property of the respective companies. We are not related to or represent Admiral Insurance in any shape or form –FOR ANY MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT Us On 0333 006 2661

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