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Claiming for a Car accident Axa insurance or injury? It doesn’t get much easier than this.

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As an AXA Insurance Customer who has had a non-fault accident, you can now claim through Insurance Accident Claims instead with Axa Insurance as we deal with the Third-party directly on your behalf and take the hassle out of your claim.

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Axa Insurance Accident Claim

How we can help

When you have a Non-Fault accident, you are free to choose your own recovery company, Repair shop, solicitors, etc. We will streamline the whole process for you. As an Axa Insurance accident claim alternative, we will do all the work for you.

Had a car accident Axa Insurance?
We hope you are not badly injured. Even the smallest injury or trauma should be checked out with your doctor, or A and E. Do not ignore ant physical discomfort.

Report accident AXA Insurance immediately if possible.
Inform the police so you have it on record, you can also Report Accident AXA Insurance but sometimes there could be a long wait. Call us on 0333 006 2661 to get all the help you need, we take over for you.

Give yourself a little time to process and recover.
You will have enough stress to deal with after a car or motorbike accident even in minor collisions, so take a break and rest for a while.

Life sometimes takes you for a ride and introduces you to the misery of having a Road traffic accident. There is nothing enjoyable about having an accident, but if you know what to do after the accident, then the whole scenario can become a little less painful for you, your passengers, and the Third-party.

What are the legal requirements to Drive in the UK?


  1. Valid Driving Licence: You need to have a Valid Driving License to drive in the UK
  2. Insurance: Minimum of a Third Party Insurance to drive your car on public roads and streets. You can not by law drive without insurance. So make sure your insurance is always valid and direct debits are paid in time. AXA insurance offers all sort of insurance products for cars and other vehicles.
  3. Road Tax: The Road tax needs to be paid for the vehicle, this can be paid yearly or by monthly direct debit.
  4. MOT: The vehicle should be in good shape been tested and passed an MOT test no longer than a year ago.


So you are all up to date with the legal requirements to take your ride on the road. Just having all the legal requirements don’t warrant that you will not have an accident. You need to be a good driver yourself to avoid any accidents, but in most cases, it’s the other vehicles that you don’t have control over. There is N number of reasons why accidents happen but “Carelessness” tops them all.


What to do after a Road Accident AXA Insurance?

  1. Stop your Vehicle – If you fail to stop, it’s considered as a crime in the UK.
  2. Turn your engine off
  3. Switch on the Hazard lights
  4. Try to move and look for any injuries or pains to yourself and your passengers
  5. If you or anybody else is injured, call the ambulance and police by dialing 999
  6. Exchange your insurance details with the third party or any other parties involved.
  7. Try to collect any witness details, take their name, address and phone numbers
  8. Take photos with your phone and make a video if possible
  9. Inform your insurance company about the accident, but only once it’s safe to do so.

Many insurance companies try to put obstacles in paying out for your claim. To make sure that you do not get affected by these tactics, always click pictures at the scene of the accident make videos exchange details take phone numbers of any witnesses. In some cases where you are injured or if you find anybody else in the accident is injured, call the ambulance immediately. If the car is damaged badly and is stopping traffic, then the police should be called as well. AXA Insurance claims department can be contacted once you are safe. Do not try to flee the scene of an accident because that is against the law.

In certain cases, you will find that fraudsters are working on the road. They might be running crash for cash scams, if you believe that is the case, call the police and inform them.

It is very important that you gave your right details to the third party. In some cases where you hit a parked vehicle please leave a note on the windscreen secured by the wiper or else give your details to the nearby shopkeepers and tell them to pass on to the owner of the damaged vehicle.



About AXA


AXA Insurance UK assists in insuring assets and also assuring wealth protection. The company provides insurance services and other financial products to over 16 million customers throughout the UK. Their services include travel, property/casualty, health, life insurance, and also management and financial planning products. They sell these products through subsidiaries which include AXA Insurance UK (i.e commercial insurance and general personal), AXA Ireland (primarily auto insurance), AXA PPP healthcare (health insurance), and French AXA company – one of Europe’s largest insurance companies, owns AXA insurance UK.

AXA works effectively to turn innovations into significant improvements in people’s lives, by learning to play, and exploring new ideas, because AXA always believes that things can be better. The reason why AXA supports all visionary startups working hard to shape the future of healthcare technology, research to assist people to live longer healthier lives, and also inventing driverless car projects to revolutionise road safety.

Vehicle Insurance

AXA provides insurance services with our 24/7 claims line, video claims call even emergency cash advance. These are all designed to get their clients up again quickly after an accident, to help protect their home against the unexpected, and to keep their business running smoothly after the accident that happened.

AXA Healthcare

As AXA knows, healthcare prevention is far better than cure, the reason why AXA guides its customers to make positive and essential lifestyle choices. The RHA – Realise Health Assessments, for example, uses scientific blood analysis and digital technology to give them insights that are easy to act upon. However, should clients need a Medical Doctor, AXA will make sure they are treated immediately and also provide them all the support they need. AXAs safe and secure phone consultation or online video with Dr@Hand gives clients instant help 24/7 all week.

The Future of Climate

AXA UK is fully committed to the global effort to reduce climate change, as part of its mission to assist people to live better lives. AXA fund monitoring and research to better understand its behaviors, and support actions and campaigns, that helps slow it down. As it is widely known that climate change is one of the most complex fields of study in scientific research.

AXA Insurance Claims Department

The AXA Insurance claims department is dedicated to making sure that AXA gives exclusive services in securing assets, by providing essential insurance policies and wealth protection. Some of the insurance services AXA provide include Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Van Insurance, Farm Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Small Business Insurance, and Taxi Insurance.


Support for our Esteemed Customers Throughout the COVID-19 Crisis

AXA is giving out a one-off refund of €30 to all of its motor insurance customers of about 640,000 in the Republic of Ireland. The refund will be paid out to all Taxi, Private Car, Van, and Motorcycle owners to recognize the reduction in the level of motor claims experienced by the public as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. This is certainly the first of such an awesome initiative ever introduced into the motor insurance market in Ireland. This means that AXA insurance will be returning approximately €20 million to its customers.

But note, “you do not need to do anything in other to receive this refund”. If you had paid by direct debit, AXA transfer the payment to you directly into your bank account that you used in paying your premium. AXA will issue a cheque to the last address they have on file for you if you paid in full. The payments started from June 15th, and this in no way will impact on your policy cover, or terms and conditions.

Start using MyAXA

You need to add a driver or report a claim, or perhaps update your policy? It’s never been this easy. MyAXA is there for you any day, anytime, anywhere. You can easily download your policy documents now, as it is stored in MyAXA, ready for you whenever you need them. You can access and download your Motor policy certificate and insurance disc, Policy schedule, or Proof of no claims bonus discount, 24/7 without login into your account.

Add a Driver or Change Your Car

You want to add a driver to your policy or perhaps change your car for a few days? You can do this too with MyAXA, where everything is available to you at your fingertips. You can log in to your account to:

  • Add a driver to your insurance policy
  • Change your car, permanently or temporarily.
  • Estimate the cost of adding a driver or changing your car
  • You can also get a quick Home Insurance quote with your motor policy information

Track a Claim from Beginning to the End

If you were a victim of an accident and you need to make a claim, MyAXA is available to help you. You can begin your claim process and also track it from your MyAXA account. Login in to your account to:

  • Make a claim
  • Upload your pictures and other relevant documents
  • Check-in often on the progress of your claim or repair
  • Make payments and upload your documents as well

On MyAXA, you can also:

  • Make payment
  • View your payment history
  • Upload necessary documents such as your proof of No Claims Discount

AXA Insurance Products

Car Insurance

AXA provides vehicle insurance to suit your perfect needs. If you are in search of young driver insurance, looking out for car insurance for women, or you need classic car insurance, AXA might have got the best policy for you.

Insurance for Young Driver

AXA also offers a great young driver insurance cover. If you just start learning how to drive, or you are getting on the road after a while, and you want less costly car insurance.AXA DriveSave policies and Student car insurance provides easy and affordable cover for young drivers.

Insurance for Classic Cars

AXA fully understand the worth of your classic car, and what it means to you. It takes dedication and passion to get your classic car set for the road and we have the best insurance just for you.

Now more than ever, finding the best classic car insurance has never been easier with AXA UK. If you have a vintage car that is more than 25 years old and you already insured one of your other private cars, you are fully eligible for AXAs Classic Car Insurance.

Women Car Insurance

AXA understands that everybody’s insurance needs are the different, reasons why it offers customizable car insurance cover for women, even with optional add-ons so everyone gets the coverage they need. Whether it is Third Party Fire and Theft, Comprehensive or Third Party Only car insurance, AXA has services to suit your needs.

Motorbike Insurance

Bike care Plan

Bike care Plan is the best choice for smaller engines up to 50cc and mopeds. Theft claims will in no way affect your No Claims Discount. AXAs provide 24-hour motorcycle breakdown assistance, and also provide help in a few different ways which include the cost for replacement of a motorcycle hire, cost of labor, temporary accommodation, towing, and travel costs.

Travel Within Europe

AXA provides up to 31 days full policy cover for driving within the European Union and other approved countries by the EU.

We Offer Multi-Product Discount

When you make a car insurance policy with AXA Uk, you will automatically save 5% on your home insurance.

AXA UK Home Insurance Extras

You can also create the best house insurance package with AXAs optional extras made available to everybody, as AXA understands that their customers have different needs at different times.

Extended Valuables and Personal Belongings Cover

While making your insurance, you can also add cover for damage or loss to personal belongings that you normally bring outside of your home, like your wristwatch, digital camera, or laptop.

Cover for Accidental Damage

This encompasses accidents such as falling on an attic floor, paint spills, or accidentally dropping a computer or TV.

Cover for Personal Accident

This covers you, your children, and partner up to the age of 18 for injuries as a result of accidents within your home.

Bicycle Cover

Do you have an interest in riding a bicycle? You can also include bicycles on your home insurance policy securing your bike against theft, accidental damage, or fire.

Contents Insurance

You can also protect your most precious belongings in your home from fire damage, theft, flood, storm, and water. It also includes your clothes, sports equipment, household goods, and other valuables such as cameras, jewelry, watches, and more.

Home Insurance

Insurance for Holiday Home

Your holiday home is a place to sit back and relax, but you can’t always be there to look after it. Be at rest with AXAs Holiday Home Insurance, safeguarding your investment and everything in it. AXA provides 24/7 emergency home assistance, you can always have peace of mind that you are in safe hands.

Landlord Insurance

With AXAs unique hassle-free Landlord Insurance, you can secure/protect your property, your rental income and also cover your legal liability to tenants, all with just one simple policy. If your tenant sustained an injury while they are in your rented property, this cover makes sure that you are protected from large payouts.

Insurance for Small Business

What’s covered by our small business insurance policy?

If you own an office, shop, surgery, you’ll get huge cover, which includes?

Cover against storm, fire, theft, flood, and many other incidences that could put you out of business for a while.


Tony’s AXA Claim Story

I have Took another Policy with Axa Insurance

I have insured with Axa once again, there, they have a lot of competent experts that I get to talk to. They also have favorable offers that suit my needs. They did not disappoint my expectations in any way.

Axa insurance has great customer service

I didn’t have the intention to renew my insurance with AXA as a result of the cost that went up from last year, but after speaking to their team of experts (they were entirely friendly, really amazing, and easy to talk with). They reviewed my insurance policy by bringing down the price to match the cheapest quote available. I also got several extras (legal cover, breakdown cover, replacement car the lot) that would have been very costly if I had used another insurance company, but I decided to renew my insurance policy with them. I would highly recommend that you pull a call through to them before you go ahead to commit to another insurance broker.

Axa Insurance is helpful in Claims managment

AXA is very helpful, everything is fine, with good customer service. 100% recommended AXA UK.

The guy I spoke in Axa Insurance

The guy I spoke to was very polite, well-mannered, and professional. He also provided responses to my inquiry quickly and efficiently




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