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General Accident Insurance

claim following an accident, call the Claims Team 24/7.

Claiming for a Car Accident General Accident Insurance or injury? It doesn’t get much easier than this.

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General Accident Accident Number

As an General Accident Insurance Customer who has had a non-fault accident, you can now claim through Accident Claims Helpline instead with the following benefits

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    Calling the General Accident Car Insurance Contact Number

    If you have any queries or issues related to your General Accident Car Insurance policy, help is just a phone call away. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to get in touch with the right people and get the answers you need.

    Locate the General Accident Car Insurance Contact Number

    When you have a Non-Fault accident, you are free to choose your own recovery company, Repair shop, solicitors, etc.  The easiest way to contact our customer services team is to call the General Accident Car Insurance Contact Number – 0333 006 4465 . This number can be used for all queries and concerns after an accident. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can get help whenever you need it.We will streamline the whole process for you. As an General Accident Accident Number , we will do all the work for you.

    • Had a Car Accident General Accident Insurance?

      We hope you are not badly injured. Even the smallest injury or trauma should be checked out with your doctor, or A and E. Do not ignore any physical discomfort.

    • Report accident General Accident Insurance.

      Inform the police so you have it on record. You can also Report Accident General Accident Insurance but sometimes there could be a long wait. Then call us on 0333 006 2661 to get all the help you need, we take over for you.

    • Give yourself a little time to process and recover.

      You will have enough stress to deal with after a car or motorbike accident even in minor collisions, so take a break and rest for a while. In an event of a Non-Fault accident, If you need Damage Repair General Accident Insurance  or Courtesy car General Accident Insurance then you can contact us directly on  0333 006 2661 General Accident Accident Number.

    Obtain a Direct Phone for General Accident

    One of the best ways to get answers quickly is to call the General Accident Car Insurance Contact Number. Our team are highly trained and will be able to answer your questions or direct your call to someone who can. We will make sure that we give you expert advice and keep your policy squeaky clean. We only deal with non fault accident claims or 5o-50 also know as split liability.

    General Accident Contact Requirements to Drive

    1. Valid Driving Licence: You need to have a Valid Driving License to drive in the UK
    2. Insurance: Minimum of a Third Party Insurance to drive your car on public roads and streets. You can not by law drive without insurance. So make sure your insurance is always valid and direct debits are paid in time. General Accident Insurance offers all sort of insurance products for cars and other vehicles.
    3. Road Tax: The Road tax needs to be paid for the vehicle, this can be paid yearly or by monthly direct debit.
    4. MOT: The vehicle should be in good shape been tested and passed an MOT test no longer than a year ago.So you are all up to date with the legal requirements to take your ride on the road. Just having all the legal requirements don’t warrant that you will not have an accident. You need to be a good driver yourself to avoid any accidents, but in most cases, it’s the other vehicles that you don’t have control over. There is N number of reasons why accidents happen but “Carelessness” tops them all.

    What to do after a Road Accident General Accident Insurance?

    1. Stop your Vehicle – If you fail to stop, it’s considered a crime in the UK.
    2. Turn your engine off
    3. Switch on the Hazard lights
    4. Try to move and look for any injuries or pains to yourself and your passengers
    5. If you or anybody else is injured, call the ambulance and police by dialing 999
    6. Exchange your insurance details with the third party or any other parties involved.
    7. Try to collect any witness details, take their name, address, and phone numbers
    8. Take photos with your phone and make a video if possible
    9. Inform your insurance company about the accident, but only once it’s safe to do so.


    Prepare notes before Calling

    When you call the General Accident Car Insurance Contact Number, make sure to have your policy number and any other details ready to help them provide you with the most accurate information. Many insurance companies try to put obstacles in paying out for your claim. To make sure that you do not get affected by these tactics, always click pictures at the scene of the accident make videos exchange details take phone numbers of any witnesses. In some cases where you are injured or if you find anybody else in the accident is injured, call the ambulance immediately. If the car is damaged badly and is stopping traffic, then the police should be called as well. General Accident Insurance claims department can be contacted once you are safe. Do not try to flee the scene of an accident because that is against the law.

    In certain cases, you will find that fraudsters are working on the road. They might be running crash for cash scams, if you believe that is the case, call the police and inform them.

    It is very important that you gave the right details to the third party. In some cases where you hit a parked vehicle please leave a note on the windscreen secured by the wiper or else give your details to the nearby shopkeepers and tell them to pass them on to the owner of the damaged vehicle.

    About us

    Here at the Accident Claims Helpline, we provide a comprehensive accident claims management service. Claims Department General Accident Insurance can be busy at times so we can process your non-fault accident claim in a prompt way. From the first Report Car Accident, through to claim settlement you can trust us to provide you RoadSide RecoveryAccident Damage RepairInjury Compensation, and Free Courtesy Car resulting in measurable benefits and outstanding customer service.

    Working with our extensive Network of Repair Centre and the different solicitors across the UK, our panel has expertise in all fields from personal injury claims to credit hire. Our specialist team brings years of expertise in driving our approach to finding your best results. At Accident Claims Helpline we ensure our team and partners are best in class, combining substantiated industry knowledge with the most effective experience.

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    Accident Claims Helpline
    Tel: 0333 006 2661

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